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The Alabama Institute for Financial Education

A key focus of ACRE’s programmatic thrust is Financial Literacy Education.  The lack of financial education creates problems that cross cultural and socio-economic lines, impacting quality of life for all families. ACRE will expand financial literacy through the experience gained from previous efforts.  HSBC, the former sponsor of the Alabama Rural Initiative, ACRE’s predecessor, launched its Financial Literacy Program in Lowndes County, Alabama in 2002.  ACRE’s staff members Catherine Coleman Flowers, Linda Hinson, and Avis McGhee assisted in the development of the curriculum.

Since the program’s inception, ACRE has trained over 530 participants or approximately seven percent of the population of Lowndes County between the ages of 18-64. The program has been expanded across the United States by HSBC. To further enhance Financial Literacy in Alabama, ACRE will establish the Alabama Institute for Financial Literacy. The outreach of the program will be to K-12 and adults through partnerships with businesses, school systems, churches, nonprofits, clubs, and state and local governments.