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ACRE CDC, Inc. Mission and Vision


ACRE is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable initiatives to strengthen the infrastructure of families in rural and impoverished communities through participatory involvement.



Organization - ACRE is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the lifestyles of impoverished rural citizens, especially those in Alabama.
Professionalism - ACRE renders highly competent and accountable results because it adopts the highest of professional standards.
Collaboration - ACRE builds inter-personal and inter-agency relationships based on trust, respect, and support.
Communication - ACRE listens patiently, asks questions, communicates frequently, teaches effectively, writes clearly and follows-up often with culturally appropriate messages.
Resources - ACRE marshals human and physical resources, disseminates information, and provides technical assistance to strengthen the infrastructure of families and communities.
Finances - ACRE runs a financially transparent operation, whose books are open, large print, and easy to read.
Ethics - ACRE acts on the basis of the principles of ethical and moral decision-making.
Faith - ACRE affirms and defends the dignity of all individuals and their communities.
Community - Local communities should define their own problems and become the main protagonists for implementing effective solutions.



ACRE is a model for addressing the causes of poverty and focuses on a significant portion of the rural population surviving at the marginal level in Lowndes County, Alabama, by empowering people, especially women and children. ACRE involves the people it serves in the planning and implementation of its efforts; this participatory approach is critical to respecting their values and sustaining their programs. In sum, ACRE promotes the efforts of local people by training and mobilizing them towards an improved quality of life and self sufficiency.